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Hometown Elegance Birch Engineered Hardwood

  • Experience the Added Character of Wire-Brushed Hardwood

    Generally, birch hardwood has little consistency with its grain, making it a unique flooring option. Grain patterns ranges from swirls to flame-like and vary considerably from plank-to-plank, which adds a captivating appeal. With Hometown Elegance, we added to that look with a subtle wire-brushed texture. Wire brushing pulls back the soft grains from the growth ring to expose the heartwood. And that adds a distressed, weathered look resulting in a more rustic hardwood flooring option.

  • Made in the USA with Domestic and Foreign Content

    Hometown Elegance birch engineered hardwood floors use more than 90% domestic content. Birch is one of the most sustainable hardwoods owing to its abundance. In addition, the trees grow quickly, typically in one-third the amount of time compared to other hardwood trees. So, you can enjoy quality designer hardwood flooring without impacting biodiversity.

  • Birch Hardwood Complements Today’s Flooring Style

    Birch wood flooring’s light appearance has made it a trendy hardwood option. Designers and homeowners alike turn to birch flooring for its neutral yet warm looking featuring golden and blonde colors that complement today’s interior designs. We add to that styling with a range of lighter color schemes and a matte finish that lets the wood’s beauty speak for itself. That finish also boosts the scratch and stain resistance of the birch engineered hardwood.

  • Wide Planks Enhance the Look of this Designer Hardwood

    How do you take already popular designer hardwood flooring featuring wire-brushed wood and make it even better? That’s easy. Make it a wide plank hardwood to capitalize on another styling trend. Hometown Elegance features 6-1/2″ wide planks up to 60″ long. And because it’s engineered hardwood, the floors are water-resistant so that you can install them anywhere you like. Bathrooms. Basements. Kitchens. It doesn’t matter. Plus, you have various options for installing the birch engineered hardwood — nails, glue, or floating.

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