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Woodland Hills Maple Engineered Flooring

  • Maple Flooring Keeps Pace with the Times

    If you’re looking for flooring that never goes out of style, it’s tough to beat maple flooring. It’s timeless. Maple has a uniform color and minimal grain pattern, which allows it to work with with virtually any style, from traditional and rustic to contemporary and Scandinavian. It’s the epitome of designer hardwood flooring. In addition, its light coloring opens up a room, making it seem more significant. Finally, maple flooring is one of the most sustainable hardwood options if you’re a fan of the environment.

  • Made in the USA with Domestic and Foreign Content

    Woodland Hills™ engineered hardwood floors feature more than 90% domestic content. As a result, you’ll get only the best quality flooring. Plus, you can install Woodland Hills anywhere because it’s engineered hardwood that offers improved water resistance versus solid hardwood floors. Just think. You can enjoy real hardwood in your basement, kitchen, sunroom, and even bathroom. And installation is easy. You can nail, glue, or float the maple engineered flooring.

  • Durable, Lasting Beauty

    Maple flooring is one of the hardest flooring options. So, heavy impacts are less likely to dent your floors than other hardwoods. It’s why bowling alleys and gyms use maple wood flooring. It’s little wonder, then, that it can hold up in your home! Even better, our prefinished engineered hardwoods include our most scratch and stain-resistant finish to keep your maple engineered flooring looking great longer. In addition, we use a matte finish that lets the wood grain speak for itself.

  • Wide Plank Hardwood That Meets Today’s Style

    Woodland Hills engineered maple flooring features 6-1/2″ wide planks with floorboards up to 60″ that fit today’s look. The wide plank hardwood reduces the number of lines on your floors to create a clean, fresh look. In addition, the matte, traditional finish helps hide blemishes from daily use. It also make maintenance simpler. Just vacuum and dry mop your hardwood routinely to keep them beautiful for years.

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