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Becoming an Authorized Robbins Dealer

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Robbins wood flooring products are for individuals looking to inspire and be inspired. We deliver the freedom to design living spaces with quality wood flooring options in a wide range of styles, colors, and surface textures.

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Robbins is a trusted wood flooring brand offering quality flooring in a wide range of beautiful styles, colors, and surface textures. Robbins wood flooring products are sold through a network of authorized dealers. The Robbins brand is ideal for high volume retailers looking to gain a competitive edge and secure their geographic market.

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Regional Sales Representatives

For more information, please contact your regional sales representative. For listing of the states within each region, see the map above.

Lee Hoggard

(804) 801-2374

Jeff Davis

(813) 767-3865

Dave Current

(614) 784-3645

Damian Noble

(281) 904-9763

Richard Middaugh
Pacific Northwest

(360) 543-3454

Amanda Copt

(951) 516-0409