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Hardwood Trim & Moldings

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Do I Need Trims and Moldings?

These Small Additions Play a Big Role

As you plan the overall design for your retail or office space, it’s important to factor trims and moldings into the budget. They’re a must-have for presenting a cohesive, completed look that functions the way you need it to.

Trims and moldings come in coordinating or matching styles that will blend beautifully with your chosen Robbins hardwood flooring product. They hide gaps, joints and edges and create a smooth transition between hardwood and other flooring types.

Style and Design

Find Trims and Moldings for Every Robbins Hardwood

We offer a wide selection of trims and moldings in different styles, species and gloss levels. There are options that coordinate perfectly with every hardwood product we sell, so it’s simple to plan that perfect finishing touch.

And we do advise that you choose pieces that are a close or exact match. Your business will appear larger and feel more polished and professional.

Do you offer trims and moldings that match exactly?
Yes, many of our collections feature pieces that are a 1:1 digital match to the color and style of the hardwood planks.

Where can I see what trims and moldings are available?
Browse all products below. Or if you’re on a specific flooring product page, click on the “Trims and Moldings” tab at the bottom to see pairing recommendations.

What Types are Available?

Understand the Uses for Each Trim and Molding Option

Your project may only require some of these pieces. Here’s where and how each is used to complete a hardwood flooring installation.

  • Robbins Threshold Molding Piece
    Threshold Molding (aka Baby Threshold)
    1. Finishes the edge where flooring ends, especially in a doorway.
    2. Eases the transition between different heights of flooring.
  • Robbins Flush Stairnose Piece
    Flush Stair Nose
    1. Protects edges of landings, steps and elevated floors.
    2. Creates a smooth look by sitting level with the floor.
  • Robbins Overlap Stairnose Piece
    Overlap Stair Nose
    1. Protects edges of landings, steps and elevated floors.
    2. Has a slightly raised profile that overlaps the flooring surface.
  • Robbins Reducer Strip Piece
    Reducer Strip
    1. Creates a slight slope to transition smoothly between different heights or types of flooring.
    2. Divides rooms and can be used as a design element around fireplaces and doorways.
  • Robbins Quarter Round Trim Piece
    Quarter Round Molding
    1. Hides open spaces where the flooring meets steps, baseboards and cabinets
  • Robbins T-Molding Piece
    1. Transitions between two different hardwood floors or between two flooring types of the same height.
    2. Covers expansion/contraction joints.

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