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Things to Consider…

Cleaning Tips

Follow this Routine for Flooring that Lasts

Keep your Robbins floors looking and performing their best with a simple hardwood floor cleaning routine.

  • DO wipe any spills or tracked-in dirt immediately

  • DO sweep, dust mop or vacuum each day to clear floors of dirt and dust.

  • DO take care to avoid damage from vacuum cleaners. Use the wand attachment, disengage the beater bar, and/or switch to the “bare floor” setting.

  • DO use the right cleaning products, such as a soft swivel-head mop with  Bruce® Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner.

  • DON’T clean hardwood floors with water or steam.

  • DON’T clean hardwood floors with harsh products that can cause damage. These include detergents, oil soaps, polishes, bleach, abrasive cleaning soaps, acidic substances like vinegar, or ammonia-based or wax-based cleaners.

Floor Protection Tips

Protect Your Hardwood Floors for Years to Come

Here are some easy things you can do to keep your floors looking great and performing beautifully.

  1. Keep things clean. Always use floor-safe cleaning products, and clean up spills immediately.

  2. Use mats to limit tracked-in dirt. Go with natural or colorfast mats at all entrances, and avoid materials that can cause discoloration, such as plastic, rubber and mats with foam backing.

  3. Have a no-pets policy. Unclipped nails can cause scratches.

  4. Avoid direct contact with furniture legs. Use non-staining felt or hard plastic protectors under tables, shelves, appliances and chair legs.

  5. Don’t drag furniture. Instead, “walk” large items across sheets of plywood. Use wide rubber furniture rollers instead of narrow hard ones.

  6. Try to minimize direct sunlight. Create some shade with window blinds and area rugs.

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