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Interior Design Influences for 2024

Each new year brings fun and exciting twists and turns to design trends. And this year is no different. So, let’s jump into five of the most relevant interior design influences for 2024.

March 5, 2024 | By Robbins Product Expert

Nature Knows Best

People will turn to everything natural this year to bring the outdoors into their home interiors. You’ll see its influence in several ways with design styles.

Natural Wonders: Interiors will be shaped by nature’s contours and textures. And that immediately lends itself to solid and engineered hardwood flooring, wood looks, and stone aesthetics. Plants will serve as a focal point, bringing greenery into the home as it embellishes landscapes outdoors. You’ll also see other natural elements scattered throughout home interiors – textural elements and animal hides.

Beaching It: If you can’t get to the beach, why not bring the beach to you? So, interior designs will shift colors using ocean blues, sage, and emeralds. These aqueous colors will work nicely with sand and rattan hues. Coastal color schemes will complement beach house decor featuring lighting, fish nets, nautical artwork, rope details, and driftwood.

Weathered Surfaces: Wind, water, the sun, and eventually weather materials result in rustic looks. That rustic look created by the elements will move indoors. Wire-brushed flooring is the perfect complement to this interior design influence. It adds texture and an aged look to natural hardwood.

Wooded Areas

If nature knows best, not surprisingly, wood will play a substantial role in influencing interiors. Wood flooring reflects that trend. But it will extend beyond flooring to the overall design of interiors.

Handmade wood items reflecting an artisan’s touch add to the character of interior spaces. Even faux wood in the form of draperies, textiles, end tables, and bowls will accentuate the focus on wood this year.

Multi-Sensory Design Influences Impact Interior Designs this Year

Design isn’t absorbed through visual impressions alone. Other senses, like touch, provide design influences. You’ll see more tactile elements in home interiors, especially those inspired by nature.

Again, wire-brushed and hand-scraped hardwoods fit this mold. Textiles complement the look as well, not only as accessories but also as furnishings.

Metal-infused materials also insert a tactile element into everything from jewelry and lighting fixtures to railings and cabinet knobs.

Metal colors will also present a design influence on interiors in 2024. Think copper tones, rust, browns, and gold tints. For example, polished brass is in style again.

Finally, interiors will feature items with contrasting effects. You create design tension by juxtaposing a smooth surface with a rough surface or glass with stone. That adds interest and depth to an interior space.

Global Influences in Interior Design

Intense colors continue to trend in 2024 interiors, supporting the notion of being bold or going home. Bright intensities moods while inciting positivity – yellows, reds, pinks, and bright blues.

Hardwood flooring will migrate from softer and lighter oak tones to darker, more rustic schemes to support bright color schemes.

Even as intense colors influence interior design trends, more muted tones will play a role. Flattened color tones of chalk, oat milk, and sage imbue a Scandinavian design. Minimal, clean elements, functionality, and beauty characterize this style.

Global design influences include natural and cultural elements. Interiors will feature feathers, skins, hides, and fur, both real and faux. In addition, artisan pieces from throughout the world will dot interiors. They’ll reflect exciting finds from traveling and celebrate native roots from different geographies.

Curated Style

Another expected design influence in 2024 is an appreciation of vintage and a readiness to mix old with new. Call it nostalgia and the 70s being relived. Vintage milk glass and knick-knacks will sit comfortably with new objects.

You’ll also pattern plays with wiggly lines and other abstract expressions. Even furniture will take on unique shapes. The same holds for wood flooring. For example, Hickory suits nicely with its wildly different color schemes, and graining adds a dynamic pattern to flooring.

Colors Schemes Influencing Interior Design in 2024

We’ve touched on some colors that will impact interior design. But here’s a closer look at some of the colors you can expect to see.

White: White has always been a popular color. It’s simple, clean, and calming.

Taupe: Gray has been a blockbuster color for years. But taupe and other warm colors reflecting natural fibers and earthy tones will enhance gray in 2024.

Tan: Similar to taupe, tan presents an earth-driven hue. Once widespread, blond wood is replaced with gray-cast browns. They create a unique tone in contrast to the mocha and cocoa browns prevalent over the last several years.

Black: With matter and high-gloss finishes, black will emerge as an elegant color this year.

Hardwood Flooring Design Trends

As interior design trends change, so do the hardwood flooring options. This year will see changes in color, textures, sizes, and wood species. Some of the more relevant trends include:

• Hardwood color schemes focused on soft, warm neutrals, taupe grays, medium browns, and black
• Added surface textures such as wire brushing, hand scraping, and other rustic textures
• Wider plank widths with longer lengths.
• White oak with a sawn face

What Interior Design Influences Will Impact You in 2024?

The essential design influence in your home is you. You must select the style that fits your personality and tastes.

You can be swayed by design trends, especially if they align with your senses. But just because something is considered trendy doesn’t mean you have to participate.

Still, solid hardwood flooring remains on-trend thanks to its beauty and durability. So, of all your flooring solutions, trendy or not, solid wood floors are tough to beat.

Regarding wood flooring, Robbins retains tried and true flooring selections. But we also have a penchant for creating designer hardwood flooring. So we offer various colors and finishes, whether you select solid hardwood or engineered hardwood flooring.
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