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Pro-Tekt™ Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring

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  • 100% Waterproof Flooring

    Rigid core vinyl plank flooring delivers100% waterproof protection. Its durable core prevents water absorption from above and below the plank. So, you don’t have to worry about excessive moisture or humidity. Even spills can sit on your flooring without staining or causing the vinyl planks to swell.

  • Enjoy Durable Scratch & Dent Resistant Floors

    You can count on rigid core vinyl flooring for exceptional durability. It naturally resists scuffs, scratches, and denting. So, you can slide furniture, drop heavy objects, or even have your dog scratch its nails across the floor without concern. Use rigid core in your highest traffic areas without fear. It’s that durable. It evens comes with a 35-year residential warranty.

  • Have Pets? Pro-Tekt is Virtually Pet Proof

    If you have pets, you know the damage they inflict on your floors. First, you face ugly scratches from their nails. Second, even the most well-trained dog has an occasional accident. No problem. Rigid core vinyl floors handle real life, including pets. And let’s not forget your kids! You’ll also like how easy it is to clean and maintain Pro-Tekt’s vinyl planks.

  • Install Rigid Core Vinyl Anywhere in Your Home

    You can install Pro-Tekt rigid core anywhere in your home on all levels — basement, kitchen, sunroom, and bathroom. With 100% waterproof protection, even high moisture areas are no cause for concern. It even resists fading in rooms that get a great deal of sunlight. Plus, rigid core vinyl flooring is simple to install. You can even install it on top your existing floors and uneven subfloors.

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